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Melbourne’s Cheapest Caravans have serviced the Peninsula for over 30 years.

At Melbourne Caravan Hire we have a large range of caravans for hire ready to go to your site.

We have a great range of caravans for hire in Melbourne.

We have recently moved from our large yard at 41 Wells Road, Seaford to 144 Beach Street, Frankston.

We will now specialise in smaller caravans up to 20 FT.

Pop top campers and conventional vans.

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Our friendly staff will assist you with your enquiries

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Our Caravans & Trailers

We have Melbourne’s cheapest caravans and trailers for hire and sale, come and visit us!

Jayco Freedom $13,990

Avan Oscar Mark II Pop Top $24,999

The Teardrop $4,895

caravans and trailers sold

Years in Business

Caravans for sale

We have serviced the caravan industry for over 30 years.

We only sell preowned caravans.

A new caravan will drop at least 20% as soon as it leaves the showroom.

We have many caravans as good as new with substantial savings.

On new price.

Generally if a caravan looks good it is good!

We also specialise in budget priced caravans and have a large range of vintage caravans to match your classic car.

We are different to other dealers.

No pressure tactics.

Our parklike facility allows you to take your time and have space to make your descision.

Caravan hire

We specialize in on-site caravans which we deliver to your site.

A spare room, guests, study space, house renovations, whatever the need we have a caravan for you.

Our deal is very flexible.

No long term commitment.

You can have a caravan for as long as you want and when the need is over, give us a ring and the caravan will be picked up with no ongoing charges.

You can have a caravan for a short period or as long as you like.

Hiring is a great way to save for young couples.

No furniture to buy, very cheap to run. 

We have had many young couples save for their house deposit this way.

Drop into our new premises at 144 Beach Street, Frankston or give us a Call on 0417 382 511.

Trailer sales

We have been selling trailers for over 30 years.

We moved out out of the market around five years ago as the influx of foreign trailers was producing substandard vehicles that we considered unsafe.

They were tech screwed together and were not something we wished to be associated with.

We have now however re-entered the market with a company that makes a full galavanized unit that we are proud to offer to the public.

These are quality built with quality welds.

They come complete with new tyres.

We have a range ready to go at the most competitive price.


Want to sell your caravan?

We can either take your caravan on consignment at no cost to you Or alternatively buy your caravan out right.

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Wonderfully helpful people, gave us plenty of their time to help us decide
Good range of second hand vans to suit most budgets

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