Getting a caravan is a big decision and gets you ready for the road adventure of a lifetime. Before you go to a store and purchase one, however, you’ll need to prepare a list of things to do and check before going on holiday with your dream caravan.

Caravan Hire Melbourne has some tips for you to help you decide what kind of caravan is perfect for you.

1. Ask Yourself
More often than not, travellers who want to drive across Australia think of buying a caravan instead of buying a hotel. It’s a logical decision, especially if you plan a grand road trip across the Outback. But it isn’t that simple. There are questions to ask when buying a caravan like where exactly you want to travel to, how long are you planning to stay out if you’re driving off-road or on the highways and if you’re bringing your family along. You’ll also need to check if the place you decide to park in has a caravan accommodation.

2. Check Your Budget
When you’ve decided what you want to do with a caravan, you’ll need to check your budget if you can afford the caravan of your dreams. Can you get a new one or buy a second-hand one instead? Be realistic when you intend to choose a caravan.

3. Choose The Layout
There are several types of caravans to choose from, and each would be ideal if you have a budget.

  • Entry-level caravans are small and come with a fixed layout: a double bed, a side dining area, a small kitchen and a bathroom (other entry-level caravans do not have one). This is good for beginners and can fit tight budgets.
  • Family Caravans are much bigger as they are built for families, medium-sized groups or solo travellers who want more space. Their layout usually includes a retractable double bed and bunk beds and a large dining area.
  • Luxury Caravans give the traveller all the comforts of home: a big bedroom, kitchen and dining area, a full bathroom and even an entertainment system. This is perfect for travellers who want to go ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) in the wilderness.

Whichever you choose, think long and hard about it before purchasing one. A caravan that fits your needs and wants will make your adventure more fun and exciting.

4. Check Utility Connections
When you inspect a caravan, look closely at its water, electricity and gas connections. If they are damaged or ill-fitted, they will become hazards. Be sure to talk to the person selling the caravan, especially if it is second-hand, about its history and make sure that everything is in good condition.

5. Find Out Tow Capacity
If you’ve got a vehicle that can tug on your caravan, double-check the maximum weight that vehicle can pull before purchasing a caravan. Ideally, pickup trucks are suitable for towing any kind of caravan, but bigger vehicles might do better towing luxury caravans alone.

Are you ready to get the right caravan for you? Now’s the time to think about where you want to go. 

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